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Welcome to is a free online media cataloging resource.


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12th August 2012 (Posted by Kazper)

I'm almost embarrassed to be posting this after almost 2 years of inactivity but unforunately for anyone who may happen to still be using this site I believe I need to admit that I cannot continue to let it run in its current state. I simply have not been able to dedicate any time whatsoever to the endeavour which I put many, many hours into getting going and it is unfair to offer any sort of promise that I ever will again.

By not being able to even look at the site for well over 12 months I have been made aware that the machine the site has been running on was hacked on at least 1 occasion and various pages were replaced with spam (which is confirmed by some strange search results on Google). I was not even aware this had happened and I apologise if it caused any inconvenience.

I don't have any plans at this point to continue, improve, redirect, or pass the project onto someone else so if anyone is, in fact, still using the site to catalog their collection I suggest that it is probably a good time to backup any information you can and move on.

As the first step in winding down the site as it stands I will be removing the ability to register new accounts immediately. I will then leave it as is for awhile to allow users to extract any info they can.

I will then gradually take things offline.

I'm sad that I cannot continue the project at this point in time and I hope that I was able to provide some kind of service to those whose did use the site.

So, for now let me say thanks for the positive support and comments I received over the years and please realise I really did put a LOT of effort into trying to make a go of it but real life simply got in the way.

Cheers, kazper.

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